Summit Agenda Notes:

The following Agenda is tentative and expected to grow. Check back often for updates. CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the Summit agenda. The Summit daily agenda will be posted online shortly. CLICK HERE to register for the 2016 NASAAEP Summit.
Protecting the entire family. Tentative 2016 Summit Agenda
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National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs Summit

2016 Summit Agenda

Tim Rickey - The Evolution of Animal Response Dr. Ty Vannieuwenhoven - Essential Support Function 8:  Veterinary Medical Update John Haven - Florida Statewide Deployment Workshop to Bay County Peggy Keller and Andrew Hennenfent - Creating a Well Balanced Volunteer Emergency Animal Response Team in the District of Columbia Dick Green and Dr. Vic Spain - State and County Resources and Capabilities for Responding to Animals in Emergencies Lacie Davis - Increasing Disaster Resiliency:  Animal Response Trends and Increasing Capabilities in Midwestern States Dr. Yvonne Nadler and Dr. Jimmy Tickel - Updates on Initiatives from the Zoo and Aquarium All Hazards Preparedness, Response, and Recovery (ZAHP) Fusion Center Dr. Michelle Willette and Dr. Anna Allen - Beyond Secure Zoo:  Incorporating Managed Non- Domestic Species into Animal Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning Dr. Wes Bissett and Holli Tietjen - Animal Planning Issues in a Disaster Dr. Wes Bissett and Dr. Debra Zoran - Quarantine of a Dog Exposed to a Human Case of Ebola Virus Disease Anne McCann - Counting and Accounting for Animals in Disaster Dr. Debra Zoran - The Texas A&M VET and Texas Task Force-1:  Supporting Search and Rescue Canines During Deployment Christopher J. Mabry - Challenges Associated with Animal Decontamination During Disasters Dr. Kevin M. Dennison and Gordon S. Cleveland - Radiological Response Decisions:  Using Science to Guide Animal Emergency Management Dr. Cheryl Eia - The Future of VMAT:  Focus Group and Discussion Dr. Patricia Norris and Tim Rickey - Developing Relationships between Local, State, and Non- Government Organizations for a Successful Response Shannon Walajtys, Eric Thompson, and Dr. Charlotte Krugler - National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC) Updates and Case Study from South Carolina Deployment Dr. Jeff Turner and Dr. Susan Culp - Scalable Disease Response in Texas Bobby Crozier and Holli Tietjen - Texas Animal Health Coalition (TAHC) Horseback Emergency Response Team Mark Carter and Dr. Tom Sidwa - Texas Animal Health Coalition (TAHC) Collector App for Use with ArcGIS Dr. Wes Bissett - The Texas A&M VET:  Building Veterinary Medical Capacity through Public / Private Partnerships Sharron Stewart - Obtaining Equipment for Animal Disease Response William Thompson and Jimmy Collie - Best Practices when Using Foam for Mass Poultry Depopulation Dr. Bruce Akers -Disinfection Processes at Disease Events:  Best Practices Learned During the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Response Dr. Sandra Norma - Indiana Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Response Rebecca S. McConnico - Biosecurity Considerations for Equine Emergency Sheltering Gordon S. Cleveland and Dr. Kevin M. Dennison - Radiological Incident Recovery:  Using Science to Guide Animal and Agriculturally Related Recovery